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TOP SPUDS ~ Whether you like them baked, fried, mashed, chipped, slow-cooked or boiled, there's no denying the humble spud is one of the most versatile and delicious ingredients out there. Here are our best-ever potato recipes, transforming the humble spud into a showstopper dish.

1. Asparagus, New Potato and Radish Salad
2. Baked Sweet Potato Salad
3. Basil and Tomato Gnocchi Bake
4. Cajun Wedges
5. Cheesy Bacon Fries
6. Crispy Roast Potatoes
7. Hasselback Potatoes
8. Hearty, Herby Stew

1. ASPARAGUS, NEW POTATO AND RADISH SALAD ~ Potato salad gets a makeover with pea shoots, radishes, sugar snap peas and asparagus in this summery recipe. The vegetables are tossed in a creamy dressing which has a lovely kick of horseradish. If you want to make it even more filling, add a can of rinsed cannellini beans too.
2. BAKED SWEET POTATO SALAD ~ This warm baked sweet potato salad will steal the show with its bold flavours. Tamari (similar to soy sauce), lime juice and chilies make it citrusy, salty and spicy. Roasted peanuts add crunch and a handful of coriander and mint keep it fresh in a dish that's great year-round.
3. BASIL AND TOMATO GNOCCHI BAKE ~ Gnocchi are little melt-in-the-mouth dumplings of potato joy and they're surprisingly straightforward to make at home too. To make this tomato and basil gnocchi bake, tomato sauce and mozzarella are added to the gnocchi and then grilled for tangy, cheesy potato perfection.
4. CAJUN WEDGES ~ A summer barbecue classic, the taste of the Deep South and pit-barbecue country is captured in these spicy wedges. The Cajun spicing goes perfectly with both white or sweet potatoes. Cut into wedges or chips (don't bother peeling them), toss in oil then add plenty of spice. For ease, you could even buy a ready-made mix from the supermarket.
5. CHEESY BACON FRIES The secret to crisp French fries lies in parboiling potatoes first, before deep-frying the chips twice, if you're making your own. Be sure to let the fries air dry after each frying, drain the extra oil on paper towels and fry in small batches to ensure maximum crispiness. For the ultimate indulgence, top your fries with a gooey cheese sauce and crispy bacon bites.
6. CRISPY ROAST POTATOES ~ Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside: roasties are potato perfection, especially when slathered in gravy and served with a hunk of meat. But cooking the perfect roasties can prove difficult. Hint: for foolproof results, use a floury variety of potato, such as King Edward, and cover liberally in goose fat before cooking.
7. HASSELBACK POTATOES ~ Hasselback baked potatoes are a Swedish classic and relatively hassle-free in spite of their impressive looks. Simply cut a series of small vertical slits three-quarters of the way through small-medium sized potatoes, then rub with oil or softened butter and salt. They're great as a side just on their own or you could sprinkle over some feta and drizzle a spicy peri peri dressing.
8. HEARTY, HERBY STEW ~ This is sheer goodness in a bowl: a warming stew packed with hearty potatoes, other nourishing vegetables and fresh herbs. It's a vegan recipe too, with no tricky or hard-to-find ingredients, and it's on the table in less than an hour. Serve with crusty, wholemeal bread.


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