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sock sizes

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Hey all.

Does anyone have or know of a simple sock pattern that meets the the following requirements:

1. Done with circular needle using magic loop
2. Simple pattern--no lace, something suitable for a guy
3. Is made for a plus size person with a high instep ---
(the "large" sock patterns I have been finding all end around 9" circumference"
---measurements of 10" instep circumference
11 inch ankle circ.
18 inch calf circ.

I have searched the net, ravelry, allfreeknit etc and have come up with a handful that meet one point, but not another--the most common issue being the patterns use dpn's , and I am not good enough yet to translate needle one, two and three directions to a single circular needle

Anyone know of a magical pattern that meets all three?

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My dear SIL wears a size 13 shoe. He loves the fit of this sock. The K3-P2 ribbing is super stretchy. The pattern is easy to complete.

Edited to say: Sorry, I rechecked your requirements and this is probably NOT what you are looking for. I'm leaving the link only so you can check for yourself if you wish. Maybe adding even more stitches will work for you. The ribbing is luscious.
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