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sock sizes

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Hey all.

Does anyone have or know of a simple sock pattern that meets the the following requirements:

1. Done with circular needle using magic loop
2. Simple pattern--no lace, something suitable for a guy
3. Is made for a plus size person with a high instep ---
(the "large" sock patterns I have been finding all end around 9" circumference"
---measurements of 10" instep circumference
11 inch ankle circ.
18 inch calf circ.

I have searched the net, ravelry, allfreeknit etc and have come up with a handful that meet one point, but not another--the most common issue being the patterns use dpn's , and I am not good enough yet to translate needle one, two and three directions to a single circular needle

Anyone know of a magical pattern that meets all three?

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have you googled afterthought heel sock?
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