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Socks too tight!

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Does anyone else have this problem? I can barely get my socks over my heels! I have knit several pair, following instructions. They fit fine once on, but there must be something I'm doing wrong. I have mostly done cuff-down, one pair toe-up, same problem. I do magic loop, and want to try two at a time, but I want to avoid/eliminate this problem. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Dear Judi,

Do you have a high instep ? If so this is your fitting problem.

It has been a long time since I had this problem, but my husband had a high or thick instep and the 1st socks I made for him would not go on over his instep. I solved the problem by adding some sts to the pattern, it's been so long ago, 30 years or more, that I cannot remember how many I put in. It worked, he had always had the high instep problem when fitting shoes which involved the instep.

Hope this helps.

V chase
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