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Some more finished projects

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I've been on holiday from work for nearly 3 weeks and these are a few projects that I have finished while I have been off.
The cardigan is a present for my sisters birthday in October (the yellow is not a bright as in the photo).
The cardigan and the bear were all made with yarn from my stash.


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Every item is lovely and i love the cardi.
Very nice. I love the sweater and the bear is very cute.
Thank you all for the lovely comments. :)
Is the cardigan a slip stitch pattern? Can you share?
I am sure your sister will love the Cardigan for her bright and cheery yellow..
Bear is darling..
Lovely bath mat too.

Busy lady :)
Wow! Those are really great. I especially like the bear.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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