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some of my winter knitting and sewing

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grandaughter got american girl doll so I have been making clothes for her


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nice! you have some real talent. very nice.
How very adorable! That little white dress and cap are to die for...great job! My grand daughter is only 5 and for now she thinks Barbie is "it". She's a little spoiled..shows up and says "what are you knitting for me Nanny"...I can only wonder what she will want once she discovers the American Girl dolls...oy! For now I get out of knitting for Barbie by saying "Barbie is wealthy...she can buy sweaters I don't have to knit for her!".
Superb work! Really nice. Lucky little girl.
WOW! Gorgeous! Lucky little girl to have a talented grandma.
WOW!! Spectacular!!! I am sitting on a folder of AG patterns and have yet to even start to even put a dent in them. Got so excited as I got an American Girl for a great niece for Christmas and then her mom tells me to hold it for another year as she is only 6, so I waited on making any of the clothes, which I guess is a good thing....that gives me another year to make more....
BUT anyway...yours are INCREDIBLE!! Wonderful job!!! Can hardly wait to get started on all these!!
I love the white dress and hat. Can you please tell me where you got the pattern?
Here is one I did in pink & it came out really lovely


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OHHH I love it!
I found all of my patterns on free patterns .com and the ones I sewed were to the hat was one I found for a new born baby and made it smaller but have to redo I didnt have a doll to fit it on it was to small I made this sweater for the grandaughters and than made the sweater smaller for the doll


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wooo I like that one too!
Really beautiful! I can just look and look.
Wonderful!!!! And beautiful and great handwork!!!!

My great granddaughter has an American Girl doll and I hope to find a pattern to make some for her. Any advice, recommendations you can give would be greatly appreciated.
beautiful ,Icannot wait for my grand to get a little older to get the American doll, she is just 4..She has Barbie and I have just mail her a few outfits for her doll ,couple days ago.
You do wonderful work! I have been making some clothes for my granddaughter's American Girl doll, Victoria. I have trouble finding the right size yarn for the guage. I have the pattern for that beautiful aqua coat you made. What yarn did you use?
Wow! My grandaughter would love this dress for her doll. Can I ask where you got the pattern and what yarn you used?
I love that pattern. Your choice of yarn is also awsome. You did beautiful work. :thumbup:
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