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desireeross said:
Good afternoon kp's

We had a really good trip to the Outer Hebrides recently and the scenery so inspired me. I've knitted a shawl that depicted the sky - posted in another section and I'm going to knit this superwash merino that I dyed and spun. I have over 900 yards fingering weight. This Dun Carloway an ancient castle going back to the Romans I think. These colours are not what I usually spun or knit so it'll be interesting. I have a pattern in mind using the brown for thin stripes. But as often happens what I start doing and what I end up knitting can be worlds apart. We have an international flight next week so I may save it for then
You are so very talented! You must be a super fast spinner too. I try to spin an hour or so each day but I would never be able to finish as fast as you. You are my hero! ????????????
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