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The twist will not stay in the yarn when you turn it loose. If you are not using a spindle to drop and twist then you will have to wind the yarn onto something - a ball, a papertowel tube - something to hold it while you draft and then spin the next length. Sounds like you want to learn to park and draft.

If you haven't made a spindle you can use an old CD and dowel to make one. Then you use park and draft and wind the yarn onto your dowel. Check out you tube for Abby Forequ????? She has some great help.

I love spinning. I knew it was terminal when I look at dryer lint and wondered what kind of yarn it would make. And what I could blend with it to give it some strength. I may need an intervention, huh?

Glad to see some spinners on this board. Good luck
wtchgrl said:
Alright. I am new to spinning and excited to get started. I got my wool yesterday, and I got two very informative books from the library. One book suggests starting to learn by twisting (rolling) the yarn on your leg, the other in your fingers. Not a problem. I can do it either way, and understand the concept.

My question is, how do you keep the twist in the yarn once it gets long enough that you can't hold onto the beginning end anymore?

I had about a six inch length and let go of it so I could draft some more, and the part I had twisted just came untwisted. I tried twisting more and tighter, but no deal.

Any help is appreciated. :)

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