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((((( Woah, you had me giggling at your pic with the circ/s held up there! Been there,,,,,not sure I did that? LOL! See notes in ((((((( )))))))))))

Oahugrl said:
Hi Everyone:
Well, after knitting about three rows using my circular needle on a baby's blanket (Red Heart) Baby Cloud, blue, I decided to rip it out because as you can see in the picture it was tangled somehow I there was no way to fix it.

((((((((( Not sure I'm reading you last sentence right? Did you mean "Is there no way to fix it? ..........Right?
********* I'm guessing you have your stitches twisted and at this point, fixing it isn't possible in the frogging sense = on.... )))))))))))))

This is for a newborn baby should I cast off with 100 stitches?

((((((((( Okie, it's possible to twist stitches in row work, etc. Heck, you only have three rows done and they're twisted. Here's my answer:

Don't CO, just pull them off off your needle and pull out the yarn for a rewind; Final answer! LOL!! ))))))))

I'm thinking that would be good enough...
((((((( CO isn't necessary = Work; Pulling the needle out of the live stitches is all you have to do = rewind and start over.
******* Note, when restarting, pull all your stitches down to facing the same way on the needle; If they twist again in process, be careful; Watch this close on row one. As you build more height, it will be more obvious that they're NOT twisted, but that first row can sneak up on you and a twisted (around the needle) stitch will appear and you may work it in unaware, perhaps. )))))))))

also want to know where I could get appliques with initials on them, I want to have them on alphabe building blocks and sew them on one corner of blanket the baby's initials are AJ and that is what we all call him, he is olur church members little baby...... (((((((((((( Peek into the main link for the above:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=99c4ceabc8c9e00

Hope this helps & HANE!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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