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Stash busting blankets, knit in strips.

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I’m in search of an easy, any weight, adaptable pattern for a blanket … no fringe. These patterns popped up on multiple Ravelry searches.

In addition, I remember a pattern featured on KP multiple times - probably chevron, but the only thing I remember is that each row started with a yarn over, and the YO’s would make it easier to join the strips.

If you’ve knit one of Ravelry patterns, or remember the KP conversations, I’d appreciate your comments. Suggestions for similar type blankets also welcome. I want an extremely portable, easy to remember, AND, easy to join, pattern. I’m not ruling out joining as you go, but need something portable.

Also, there was a recent KP post/link to FB about using a crochet hook to join strips after the fact…lots of questions and comments, but I don’t remember ( most likely wrong) anyone saying they used this join frequently. If you’ve used it, was it as easy as it looks, and did it hold up?
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Your links, specifically for Kay Jones, led me to another one of her patterns that would be portable. It is knit in blocks rather than stripes, but maybe it's one you would consider.
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