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I am really good at accumulating yarn. My husband bought me a 24 foot trailer to put my stash in. I have it sorted by content, weight/size, color and packed into the trailer with heavier yarns on one side and light/finer yarns on the other. The totes and boxes are marked like "WA" for worsted acrylic. A box marked "RHWA" would be Red Heart Worsted Acrylic. I have a 13 gallon trash can in the house with cotton/rayon rug yarn in that I am knitting up into heavy sweaters for myself.

I am currently working on children's charity sweaters in multi colors in acrylic worsted -- Red Heart at the moment.

I keep my wool yarn in ziplock bags to keep the little flying nasties out of it. I have some in the XXX bags, some in XX bags and some in 2 gallon bags. I never have leftover yarn when I knit socks because when I finish one pair I start the next pair with the excess and when the first bit of yarn is gone I attach the next yarn. Makes for interesting socks. I probably have enough sock yarn for 120 pair more. I kid you not.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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