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Prayers for your family. Knitting kept me sane while I stayed two months straight in the hospital and rehab with my elderly mom. I would make prayer shawls, finish it and hand it to patients on mom's floor. I tried to find ones with little to no visitors. It kept me focused on service to others and out of stinky thinking that always leads me to self pity, anger and resentment. The nurses caught on and would point out other patients who needed attention. I even made a baby blanket for a nurse in her first pregnancy after 18 years of marriage. My DH would get my Joann coupons and keep me stocked. He also learned to shop the Wal-Mart clearance. We were hospitalized from February 23 and came home April 23. Lots of time to knit. It gave me peace and pleasure to touch someone else. Mom was so understanding...she would send me out to check on her neighbors on the ward even though she was so seriously ill. I wish you the same peace.
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