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Straighten the plastic line

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Hi...I'm a new member with an odd question.

How can I straighten the plastic line between the needle points of circular needles. It wants to curl and get in my way until my work gets heavy enough to weight it down.

They come curled in a package when you buy them and I haven't found a way to uncurl them in any of the knitting blogs. I'm hoping you or someone on your team has an answer. I love your site and look forward to your newsletters and free patterns. I'm glad I stumbled on to you and your site.

Thank you for the many enjoyable hours of knitting something new. I get a big high when I complete a project and since I generally have 6 or 7 projects going at one time, I get that high almost every day.

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Hi Waldine

I generally boil water and pop the plastic cords into it for a few seconds at a time - try not to get the needled wet if they are bamboo - if there metal it doesn't matter so much, but you do need to be able to hoist them out of the water and pull (not hard ) to straighten , pop them back in again and just repeat the process till the coiling has almost gone. Dry them off and you're ready to go.


p.s. welcome :)
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