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Method and Style (many versions since 1996. LOL!)

Single-pop #1 - using thumb and index finger to squeeze individual bubbles.

Single-pop #2 - using thumb and index finger and a "rolling" motion to squeeze the bubble to the side.

Single-pop #3 - using any finger or object to smash a bubble against a surface such as a table.

Multi-pop #1 - using less precision and popping many bubbles at once with fingers.

Multi-pop #2 - crushing handfuls of bubbles in the fist.

Multi-pop #3 - rolling and then "wringing" a sheet of Bubble Wrap.

Multi-pop #4 - smashing (with fist or other object) many bubbles against a surface

Foot-Method - walking on, trampling, or stomping on the bubbles.

Creative - any novel means of popping the bubbles, such as rolling in somersaults over them.
Big draw while surfing for perhaps the standard version:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=87a89c5b1abc39eb
Standard version! LOL!

This has been around since 1996 and many of you no doubt would have seen it by now. Our kids loved to pop bubble wrap for K/s & G/s! When I showed them the VIRTUAL method, they ROFLTHO! LOL!
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