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Super Hero Cat,

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just seen on the news, a dog attacking a young boy,pulling the child of his bike,The family cat came to the rescue ,attacking the dog and chasing it off,
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This has struck a cord with MANY people. This cat was on national news on all stations.

Ultimately it proves the selfless bond between pet and 'master.' Did you hear that cat was a stray who followed them home when the little boy was an infant? Tara slept with the little boy & generally was a best friend since birth.

That dog was picked up by animal control. He was quite aggressive and could easily killed the cat and boy. Fortunately the mother was also in the yard and rushed in. She didn't even realize what happened until they saw security tape later. The cat reacted fastest and with scissorclaws flying. And that little boy is so proud of his cat.
If I had to guess, there was some battles between the dog and cat previously, and the cat was watching out for the dog to start something. When the cat saw the dog go after the little boy, off he went to the fight. Mighty Mouse nothing.

nitnurse said:
Very brave cat when you look at the type of dog, the size difference and the sheer aggression of the attack on that little boy. Looks like the cat did not hesitate - it had the advantage of surprise and sharp claws over that dogs size and jaw strength. It was like a flying fur ball of fury and obviously that dog was rattled enough to cease the attack - thank goodness! :thumbup:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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