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I am new to this site, so 'Hello' from Victoria, Canada!

I am a beginner knitter, although I did knit a couple of things in my youth. Last year, I knitted a simple sweater for my grandson. The sweater now fits, but sadly I've misplaced the pattern that was printed out for me, and I'd like to do a similar one - bigger of course. It had a crew neck and raglan sleeves, was very striaght foward.
Does anyone have any advice on where to look? I've just spent an hour looking at 'free knotting patterns' only to feel frustrated as you feel you're getting there and it turns out to be something actually already made, and on line!!
WOuld also like to make hm a simple vest, too.
Many thanks

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I'm sorry that I am not well versed incomputer savvy and cannot be of assistance. Try Red Heart and Lion Brand web sites for their free patterns and maybe you can find one that will work.
Hi have you been to That site has many patterns to choose from and the best is that they are all free.
patons yarn has alot of those patterns also knit picks. my favorite one for my 5 year old son is nantasket at berroco free patterns. hope that helps, diane
;) hi, i am new and looking for aran traditonal patterns like honey comb and diamonds and of course cables! could any one lead me to a new source, i have exhausted online options diane in maine

this is a wonderful chart pattern good for growing children and all family fits well in the size you would buy...i have been using it for a long time....
:D thanks so much, i cant tell you how hard me and others i know have looked, much apreciated and we'll put it to good use, diane from maine
:lol: thank you for the link. I am a new knitter and am trying to get a head start on Christmas. I was able to use the link for the reglan sweater. I have family members that have been asking for a sweater since I started to learn. So here goes nothing.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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