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I love making sweaters :) Here are a few of my latest ones. I have given a lot of my sweaters away and I have hung onto a few. :thumbup:


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((((((((( Wow, you're work is lovely!! TY for sharing!

Donna Rae
Brandon, Iowa ))))

Irishgirl7 said:
I love making sweaters :) Here are a few of my latest ones. I have given a lot of my sweaters away and I have hung onto a few. :thumbup:
Thank you! I have pretty much settled on knitting/crocheting sweaters. Addicted! :thumbup: Busted :lol:
very nice work indeed. doesn't it feel good to see someone wearing your art?
I am in awe of your work!! SPLENDID indeed!!
WOW!!! What yarn was the green and gray sweater made of? :thumbup:
All three are really nice. Great job and love the colors . I love doing sweaters too but have about sweatered out all my family, so lately I've been "socking" them.
Hugs Robritt
Beautiful work! Love the grey Boyfriend Sweater. Am an old bird away from knitting for quite a few years, would like to get back. Any suggedtions for a Sweater vest pattern to get me back on track. Thanks
I just finished one. I'll try to bring it in tomorrow and let you know how to get it. In the mean time, I bought it from Patternworks. If you go online you can see it, it's green with 2 wooden buttons on the front.
Love the 40's sweater. Where did you get that pattern? It is beautiful!
Yes, it makes me smile :)
Well thank you! :-D
The green is Redheart and the Grey is Lion Brand :thumbup:
You're kidding! Those are beautiful yarns. They looked really expensive.
Thank you! If I don't knit/crochet sweaters for myself or as a gift I just donate them. I always wanted to try socks, but I'm so addicted to doing sweaters I can't tare myself away from them :lol:
Unbelievable. I'm so impressed! here is the link for the 1940'/50's sweater pattern
Thank you for the complement :) As far as suggesting a pattern (can I say Do we have about 4 hours) I could talk your legs off Hahahaa :-D Pattern Central has scads of them, also Vogue knitting sight has almost all there patterns on sale for $2.99 down loadable. My favorite really isn't a vest per-say but a pullover sleeveless tunic called the Coffee Tunic.
Let me know a few more specs. and I will look :thumbup:
Thank you! :thumbup:
I love the 40's sweater - can you tell me where I can find the pattern. It's beautiful.
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