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Teddy Bear Sweaters

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I have just made sweaters for my niece's Vermont Teddy Bears. I put their names on the front and the name of the College they chose.

I also found blank diplomas on line. One bear loves honey and Harvard. I gave him a diploma from Harvard in Honeyology.

I have on more sweater to finish for the girl bear.

This was a real fun project


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They're adorable! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Charity Knitter
love the idea ! the bears look as if they should be on campus
Love the sweaters, Will you share the pattern
I am a teddy bear lover. Would you PLEASE? share this pattern? Kay [email protected]
Love the sweaters. The best I've done are hats and scarves. May try a sweater thanks to you.
What a great idea for a graduation present! I love them.
So darling I love them could we have pattern info please?
I too love the idea and would like the pattern
How adorable and how clever you are, to put college names on them ! If you are sharing, I too would love the pattern .... meanwhile, thanks for sharing the picture and the idea !
I would like the pattern too, I knit a lot of preemie clothes for the NICU ward and if I made those open down the back they would be adorable for the babies. If you don't mind sharing, I'm Melody.
[email protected]
Thank you.
Hi! I love to knit outfits for my twin granddaughters' teddy bears. Would it be possible for you to send me the patterns for your teddy bears' sweaters? Thanks so much! :)
[email protected]
They are just adorable! And...old teddy's can be cleaned and recycled with a new sweater!!! Can you please send me your patten... :D
I have a book " Knits for Children and their Teddies" by Fiona McTague that i don't think I'm going to use. i would be willing to swap or sell it. I got it half price so It wouldn't be much. I just checked it out on amazon - mostly selling used copies cheap, no reviews, but you can see the cover. If you are interested PM me please.
This is the site I used for the pattern. I made adjustmets for the 16" Vermont Teddy Bears. I used smaller needles for the sweater and the larger needles for the sleeves.

And this is the site I used for the Alphabet
I cut out each letter and scotch taped to a sheet of paper to make the name. This give you a good exposure to intarsia knitting. Just remember to knit the Right side from the Left side of the pattern, and the Wrong side from the right side of the pattern. Your first letter knitted is the last letter of the name.

Another site you may be interest in is:

guage is important I made on sweater and tried it on each bear and made adjustments accordinly. It was well worth the time to make a sample sweater.

IMPORTANT: For the Alphabet be sure to count the number of stitches for the entire name adding two stitches between each letter. I then subtracted this number from the number of stitches casted on. Then I divide this number by 2 to give me the number of stitches for each side of the sweater.

I hope this makes sense.
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Thank you for the information ! I am going to make a sweater for my oldest granddaughter, who is attending a christian college ... she will love it !!
That gave me the sight for the alphabet and a place to buy stuffed animals, but there was no pattern for the sweater itself. Will you share it please?
Thank you very much for that info....I have a large soft white teddy to make matching sweaters for the teddy, and also will make one for my granddaughter for birthday present.... :)
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