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I received my swap package from RavinRed's "Favorite Things" swap. Ivyrain sent me the most incredible box of goodies! It started with a lovely candle, tea, cocoa butter cream, a towel edging kit that I can knit or crochet, a little blue bag that held even more "favorite things". I also received a knitting gauge, scissors, 3 crochet hooks (which I needed, with a project in every room), a stitch counter and a really neat second counter that is electronic (love it, I can put it on my needle or on my finger), plus ring markers and a wallet magnifier (which I will never leave the house without). There was also a lovely quilted needle/hook organizer, but what was inside the organizer was the icing on the cake! I do not know how you did it, but you sent me a pair of earrings covered in pink poodle fabric...kind of retro and just sooooo cute. I am owned by four miniature poodles, so these made my swap package extra special. Don't you agree? Ivyrain, you're the best.
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