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I want to thank all who so generously contributed to our humanitarian project "Operation Blanket Drop". A simple "Thank You" just seems so inadequate, but please know that it so heartfelt and genuine. This has truly been an amazing experience.

Our goal was 250 little blankets for the babies that do not survive to go home with Mom & Dad. We wanted to give them something sweet to wrap their little ones in. We exceeded that goal by almost double with the help of all the sweet ladies here on KP who donated their time, materials and shipping cost. The ladies on KP sent over 180 blankets, from 10" square up to 16", and even larger, even some little buntings with matching hats. I would always have to choke back the tears when I received another package in the mail. It has confirmed to me that their is so much good still in the world today.

We have 4 days left to go before we do the final count (Aug 30th). We will then prepare all the little blankets, take pictures and give them to the project coordinators. Sooo! watch for another message WITH PICTURES in early September.

Again Thanks so much to all you sweet ladies.
Lee Ann
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