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I received my gift bag from my secret pal today, Sandy in Indiana. WOW! You were so generous and thoughtful!
I absolutely LOVE the yarn and already am making plans for it...definately for myselft too! I felt like you must have been reading my mind too; I had been just this week thinking of needing to get something to keep my darning needles in! The chocolate...yum! My grown daughter was there when I opened the package and zeroed in on the chocolate helping herselft to a piece LOL. Needless to say I also did. Double yum! The gadget bags are great. I couldn't believe you made them. If you can share the pattern/directions for them I'd love them. The fabric they are made of is delightful too. I do machine embroidery and can make bags similar to these but haven't made one for myself and now I have not one but two! Again thank you so much. I'll post a picture of whatever I make of the yarn.
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