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Grannybaba said:
Hi everyone, my name is Jenny. I've never joined a forum before and spent the first day getting my head around it all. Then I put out a couple of problems and have been amazed at the expertise and generosity of members in their advice and help. I've read about members needing hugs, about members wondering if there is a right or wrong way to knit (!!) and as I have read, I have felt a wonderful warmth and desire to give as everyone else is giving. I have no expertise but I hope my contributions of genuine caring about others will join with others to make lives richer as mine has become richer. When I can't sleep and come to the computer at 2, 3 or 4am I know that others are reading posts and answering as they go about their daily lives, and I am not alone! I have a wonderful life, filled with blessings and a wonderful family who keep me busy, and a 'boyfriend' who has his own home but who shares my life as much as we like. But there was a gap, and you have all filled it. So wanted to share these thoughts. I am not sexist and I love men, but I'm so glad I'm a
Welcome from Wisconsin. This site is truly a blessing. Technology can be a miracle.
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