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The Dogs

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I am starting a thread about dogs so as not to hijack the other threads topics. I love talking about my furbabies.
cherknit, you mentioned your yorkie nipping even when not in their territory. Have you considered YOU are their territory? :lol: I say that because that happened once with my oldest (before we had the other 3). My grandson was giving me a kiss with Buckeye(my dog) on my lap and he nipped him. Buckeye is the only one out of my 4 that has ever done anything like that. I am very close with my dogs and in a way ... that isn't good. :?
We are originally from Ohio and that is where our granchildren are located. It is hard to find motels that will accept 4 barking dogs (and they do bark! )... so our spoiled yorkies have their own traveling dog house. we bought them a 35 ft winnebago. We don't call it a motorhome we call it a doghouse. You should have seen the look I got when standing in line at a check out... my grandson said "Nana ... am I going to sleep in the dog house tonight? :oops:
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Cherknit, click on reply and under your message box you see 3 browser buttons... click browse and then choose your pic from your files.
If you go on the Victoria Stillwell (hope I spelled it right) site, she has an application there to fill out and send along with a video of your family. If you are picked she will come and help you... for free and we get to see it on tv. Couldn't hurt to try.
I love that show.
I don't know anything about dog racing even tho we live close to one, I have never been there. They are very beautiful dogs tho.
I love them all.
Hey bring on those other animals ... I didn't mean to look like it was limited it to just dogs.... I was wrong in naming it dogs..should have been animals. I am truely sorry...
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