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.Knitters will appreciate this pattern';
Pattern: A Faithful Life
1 skein of Life, in the colorway of your choice
Size 10 Faith needles
Truth holders
Thread for a lifeline
A needle of love for binding in the ends
Cast on the skein of life
Knit every row until the pattern changes
Follow the new pattern.
Proceed in this way with each pattern element that comes your way.
Use the truth holders as needed.
At the same time, make sure to add a lifeline of faith and use it to
fall back on when the pattern comes unraveled.
Bind off and hem in ends with your Needle of love.
It is required that you often join with others who are knitting their Skeins of Lives.
The insight and companionship gained during these times cannot be acquired by knitting alone.
The colors of yarn that come out of your skein may change and not blend as expected.
Enjoy each of the colors as they come out of the Skein of Life and are knit into your pattern

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This is sooooooooooo beautiful - applies to each and every life lived..... Thank you.....
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