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The Opposite of "Startitis"

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The opposite of Startitis must clearly be "Finishitis" - and I have a very serious case of it. I grabbed all my unfinished work for the "Weekend WIP Wipeout" in my Ravelry group, and this is all the stuff that requires no additional knitting. No binding off, not another single stitch needed. 3 cowls need buttons sewn on (to become a "pidge"), 3 items need fringe. The rest is all just ends needing sewn in. And some of them have been in that "finishing" basket for years. Anyone else have this problem?

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Because I have to save myself from myself, I finish one project completely before I start the next. I have quite a few waiting for me. I also rarely make things that need to get sewn together as I really donā€™t like to sew. I have been known to wait a few days before blocking something-for some reason I also hate to block. And weaving in ends is not a preferred activity šŸ¤£
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