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Here's a photo of a ruffly scarf in purple colors on another thread in the forum:
If you need some help casting on, this is a video showhing how:
When you make the scarf, remember that the more stitches across you use, the shorter the scarf. If you stick to 7 or 8 stitches, you'll have a nice-length scarf.
I attached a photo of a red multi scarf in Triana and a pink scarf in Tul. Both yarns are by Katia.
These yarns are incredibly easy to use, just poke and knit. You should remember to use the absolutely largest needles you can fit through the holes, use a circular needle and secure both ends with BIG point protectors. These scarves are very easly to knit, but the yarn slides off of the needles very easily. Never lay the scarf down while you are working on it without putting on point protectors. A circular needle is better than straight needles because they are over-all longer. On straight needles, the end of the needle will not keep the yarn from sliding past it, it just isn't large enough.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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