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To All Cat Owners

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I have noticed many members are animal lovers. I have 5 indoor cats and just bought the Omega Paw rolling cat litter box and it is fantastic! Have to share it with all my cat loving friends, makes cleaning up after them so easy. No more getting down on your knees to clean it. If you have even one cat you will love having this litter box! Plus, its inexpensive. Any questions, just ask me.
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Love your kitties. My baby in my avitar is turning 1 on sunday. No more kitten, My other cat is like your greyish tabby. He's 18 lb part maine coon. Got to go buy presents for the young ones birthday tomorrow. Not sure how to put up a pic in this area. Hard to see in avitarbut he is a himalayin(sp?) Never could spell that breed.
Dorothy K. Good question. I wondered about that. I knit up little squares and fill with non-toxic polifil and catnip. My little one goes crazy for them. I've made some for friends cats. Hope I'm not hurting them.
craftingchick said:
Oh your cats are so beautiful. I see you have a main moon cat too. Aren't they special? My Tabitha acts so different from the rest of the cats. Like she is queen. :lol: They can make me laugh when I am sad. Thanks for sharing pics of your babies. I love seeing them. :thumbup:
My maine coon mix, Marquis has the perfect name. In the dictionary, his name means nobleman, Yes they are like royalty, has a sweet disposition, but he knows he's in charge.
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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