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To All Cat Owners

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I have noticed many members are animal lovers. I have 5 indoor cats and just bought the Omega Paw rolling cat litter box and it is fantastic! Have to share it with all my cat loving friends, makes cleaning up after them so easy. No more getting down on your knees to clean it. If you have even one cat you will love having this litter box! Plus, its inexpensive. Any questions, just ask me.
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Hi fellow knitters and cat lovers! (Isn't that just the best of combinations??) My helper cat is Felix, who is the champion of "Busy Paws". If there is yarn anywhere in a mile radius, he's there to check it out, bat it around the floor, tangle it if I'm not looking, and then sweetly give me the "I'm just your best kitty, aren't I?" look. He has an assortment of handmade kitty blankets around for his sleeping pleasure. He's my best buddy, and has been my kitty for quite a while now. He was a shelter adoptee, and has been my very best luck. He's all black, and I get so riled when people are superstitious about them. All my projects are presented to him for his final approval and critical appraisal. Can life get any better than to knit with a purring kitty alongside? ==^-^== Carol
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