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Toyota knitting machine

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I have picked up today from a charity shop a Toyota KS 787 knitting machine. One big problem, no accessory pack (Handle and tools). Does anyone know if this could be purchased separately? I have trawled the net but no luck, may have to take it back. :(
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Someone on Gumtree is offering Toyota machines free but they are in London - Tulse Hill - if you want to contact them and ask if they have one you need. Dee
Does anyone know the difference between the Toyota K65-1 and the k65-2 rib transfer carriage please and what machines they will work on? I have just bought a Toyota KS901 off ebay Uk for 拢16.50 (about $27) and it has just arrived and it is brilliant and doesnt look as if it has ever been used came with 6 cones of yarn, a hole punch, a new pack of punchcards as well as the ones with the machine and a Mary Weaver Machine Knitting Techniques and Patterns book and also a Plating Unit and Lace Carriage. Was that the bargain of the year?
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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