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toys for Christmas

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My Mom
People gave her old fur type coats, there was a
Christmas when she made stuffed dogs and others from these coats. I am the next to the oldest of 7, so it was for the younger boys she made them. All wool or other heavied materials she got went into tied quilts, My gosh,
some of them were so heavy they held you to the bed. But there was no central heat (Phelps co. Mo) So you were glad to have that and a sister to keep you from freezing.
When Mom was in the nursing home, less than a year, people who had known her or our families told us they loved visiting with her, she was a book of knowledge in survival. Her Dad had gone on the rush for land in Okla,
then later he moved them there with two covered wagons.
She started school there. Boy, did she have a good memory
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Last summer we celebrated 100 yrs since my husbands grandfather homesteaded just 2 miles fro m my home & where a cousin still is truly amazing what those people survived! Imagine coming from a small town in the east out to utter desolation with an axe, a horse & some food & trying to make a betterlife for your family.
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