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Tractor pattern that is in graph

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Good Evening,
I am looking for a tractor pattern that is in graph form to knit in a sweater for my grandson. Does anyone have any ideas? I am also looking for software to convert pictures to graphs. I looked at the Knitpro has anyone had experience using it?
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:) Hi I use the following sites for most intarsia patterns or They have almost anything you would require (children or adult) and it is free.
Also the best computer program I have is "Nodtronics Arts & Crafts" Cross Stitch Made Easy. It converts any photos into graphs, is easy to use (I am not computer savvy) and was extremeply inexpensive.
Thank you very much!! I still didn't find my tractor but that site has many very cute graphs!!! I will be looking up that software next. Thank you!! Happy knitting!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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