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Tried this new plastic repair product

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> > THought some of you might be interested in this. I have a machine case
> > that had a crack on the both plastic side pieces in the corner. Had no
> > luck before with epoxy. Found this product on Google. It is called Plast
> > Aid. Comes in t parts and as someone commented the liquid smells like what
> > is used for making artificial nails and the powder looks like the other
> > powder. However this bonds with plastic as it is setting and fills in gaps.
> > You can also make plastic parts with it which I intend to do using SIlly
> > Putty to make a mold from a good part, then putting this stuff in the mold
> > and then putting it on the broken piece to which it will fuse. It starts
> > out as a liqidy past and slowly hardens. During the process it can first be
> > used to paint over repaired cracks, and then it gets harder, like dough and
> > you can use it to fill bigger cracks and bond the pieces together. After
> > the 2 ing. are mixed you can add a drop of Acrylic paint to color it. I
> > used Americana Buttermilk acylic paint and the color matched the color of
> > the plastic perfectly. After it hardens, in about 15 minutes (it get very
> > hot while doing so) you can sand it smooth with a fine paper and gloss
> > polish if you want.
> >
> > Hope some of you can find it useful. I bought mine from the mfg. on line.
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Brilliant info, I shall save this for future reference. Those that have Knitmaster/Silver Reed machines can get parts that maybe needed to rebuild cases. I had a Knitmaster chunky that had broken ends (main bed) and manage to get two new ones. They were surprising inexpensive. But this info is great for those with Brother machines and other makes that are no longer produced. Thanks.
I got mine from Metropolitan in England. It's about 3years ago now and I'm pretty sure they were only about 拢3 for the two plus shipping. The machine was a knitmaster (Singer)SK155.
The parts were brand new, but then Metropolitan are agents for Silver Reed. They do ship abroad and their prices are always very reasonable.
If I remember right they ordered them from Slver Reed. Carol and Mark own Metropolitan. Mark repairs machines so they most probably order parts on a regular basis.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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