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Tried this new plastic repair product

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> > THought some of you might be interested in this. I have a machine case
> > that had a crack on the both plastic side pieces in the corner. Had no
> > luck before with epoxy. Found this product on Google. It is called Plast
> > Aid. Comes in t parts and as someone commented the liquid smells like what
> > is used for making artificial nails and the powder looks like the other
> > powder. However this bonds with plastic as it is setting and fills in gaps.
> > You can also make plastic parts with it which I intend to do using SIlly
> > Putty to make a mold from a good part, then putting this stuff in the mold
> > and then putting it on the broken piece to which it will fuse. It starts
> > out as a liqidy past and slowly hardens. During the process it can first be
> > used to paint over repaired cracks, and then it gets harder, like dough and
> > you can use it to fill bigger cracks and bond the pieces together. After
> > the 2 ing. are mixed you can add a drop of Acrylic paint to color it. I
> > used Americana Buttermilk acylic paint and the color matched the color of
> > the plastic perfectly. After it hardens, in about 15 minutes (it get very
> > hot while doing so) you can sand it smooth with a fine paper and gloss
> > polish if you want.
> >
> > Hope some of you can find it useful. I bought mine from the mfg. on line.
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Thanks for the info. Have some things that could use a bit of help. This sounds like it would do the trick.
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