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Trying to find the pattern

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for a curly knitted scarf I made last year. It was so easy I never wrote it down. You knit 3 or 4 rows on one side then turn & knit 3or4 rows on the other & it creats a curl.
Can anyone help???
Please !
Sher :oops:
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I did a search and found this one for you. I hope it is the same you are searching for.
I have marked that one to make for my daugher, it is very nice and feminine!
thank you
Hi, thank you sooo much. It is nearly the same except
the one I did was purl on the way back so you had a right & wrong side. This works !!!!
Thanks again,
you are very welcome. I am glad it works.
See Denise, Thats what you get for being conceited enough to think you can remember a pattern when you are 77, & never wrote it down.
Thanks again,
don't be hard on your self. its not a 70's thing at all. I am "a little" below that age and I do it too. I have saved all kinds of free patterns on my computer and can't find them again. ha ha I have resorted to emailing them to my self, LOL
Hey if it makes you feel better ... I have wrote down a very simple pattern and when I go to look for one to do next...I didn't put the subject to the directions. I have to make it to figure out what it is. :roll:
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Where are you located ??
I am in Mass.
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