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Knitting Paradise Newsletter said:
I have been knitting off an on for years (more off than on). I had a simple pattern back in the 80's for a turtleneck sweater with 3 simple cables on the front. It was children's size 4,6,8 and 10. It worked up so quickly. I can't find it anywhere and was wondering if anyone had anything that sounds like this. I think it came out of a Woman's Day or Good Housekeeping magazine.
I'd be so happy to have simple pattern like that now that I have a grand daughter.

Try Cottage Creations Patterns.
Well written, and something for each member of the family in one booklet.
Love it!

Here's another one that I've used for lots of sweaters for my family.
The cardigan shown on the front includes another version with a single cable on each side of the front.
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