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Two vests

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I made these last year for myself.
The first one was so successful I had to do another
before I forgot how to do it!


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I made 100 small squares but got tired of sewing them up so made 3 in one piece and joined the 4th to make a square. Done on an ODD number of stitches.

Next lot was done on an EVEN number of stitches, 2 decreases in the middle of the row, so it is easy to put a marker, if needed. "Knit to 2 stitches before middle, knit 2 together, slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over; knit to end"
Work back but (if in garter stitch) Purl the 2 centre stitches to make a good showing.

To be sure of which side is 'right side', keep a long length at the cast-on edge row and remember that this shows the BEGINNING of the row in which to do the decrease

If I knew how to add a photograph, I would - but I am far more advanced in knitting than computing

Grosvenor, from Australia
1 - 1 of 99 Posts
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