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Two vests

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I made these last year for myself.
The first one was so successful I had to do another
before I forgot how to do it!


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Hi pfflyer, (I wonder how many of the younger gals know what pfflyers were? :?: ) I do!

Well, I looked all over KnitPicks and couldn't find the pattern. I then sent an e-mail to the designer, so hopefully I'll hear something from her. I did enjoy looking at KnitPicks though. They have some beautiful patterns. They have about 145 free patterns and something like 34 pages of $1.99 patterns. As far as I could tell every thing looked to be downloadable. I also Googled "mitered knitting pattern" or something similar and although there were a number of hits, the only one I saw that resembled your stitch was the Knitting at Knoons mitered afghan. I suppose someone who is adept at knitting could transform that free pattern into a vest -- not me!! -- but someone! :lol:
Well, I guess you have to be of a certain age to know about pfflyers!

Remember, it's Knitting at Knoon website! :wink:
Well, guess what ladies?! I got the pattern from Dixie Berryman for the mitered vest that pfflyer did!! She calls it sock yarn sweater but it's labeled mitered block sweater. I think someone is going to have to tell me how to get it on here, though. I don't think I'm supposed to add a pattern the way I do a picture?? The pattern is a pdf file and it's on my computer. Can anyone help me? I'm anxious to share this with all of you!
Oh, I forgot to say that Dixie says there's no problem sharing the pattern since she's not selling it and so therefore no copyright problems.
Well, Mary, I thought I read some place that you weren't supposed to post patterns like you do pictures. I have a pm into Admin. Maybe I'll hear something soon.


Hey, people! Here it is. Just click on download and the pattern is there. I also forgot to say that Dixie said that the company left out something in the published pattern.
I didn't know how to do the pattern she sent me, either, even though it was the wrong pattern. I had sent a post and then on the bottom of it there was a tab that said "attac another attachment" or something like that. I simply clicked on it and entered the place on my computer where I had stored the pattern and hit send and there it was.
Drat! I was so-o excited! I just knew I'd found the pattern for y'all. I didn't really care about finding it for me, cause I'd probably never do it. I'm working on a baby sweater for my great niece now and have been at it for almost a week and a half. My daughter says Mom the reason it takes you so long to get any thing done is because you're at the computer either looking at knit and crochet patterns, or trying to find a pattern!" And I guess she's right. Well, any way I'm glad you got the pattern. I hope ntaglass get's it posted for you. Cheer-io!
pfflyer --

Is the pattern DixSew posted the same as the one you used? Thanks, Myra
How do you find Strictwear? I Googled it but didn't come up with anything. Thanks, Myra
Oh, DixSew! Thank you so much! I just now realized who you are!! Welcome and thanks again! Myra
1 - 11 of 99 Posts
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