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Two vests

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I made these last year for myself.
The first one was so successful I had to do another
before I forgot how to do it!


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pfflyer said:
Hate to tell you but that is NOT the pattern I used for vest!
Yours is for a sweater, not a vest.
My vest has MANY blocks in it.....will resend photo.
Same technique but different results!
I just got the pattern from Dixie - the one she sent me was labeled "Eyelet Mitered Vest" and appears to be the same vest as yours, only done in a solid color so you have to look carefully to see that the arrangement of the squares is the same.

I also have no idea how to provide the pattern here, but if you contact Dixie at [email protected] she seems more than happy to provide the pattern in a professional looking pdf format.
1 - 1 of 99 Posts
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