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Two vests

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I made these last year for myself.
The first one was so successful I had to do another
before I forgot how to do it!


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WOOOPS! Since I was unaware of this, I've sent wrong patterns to requests! I'll correct my response. Glad you all like the vest. A scarf is fun with this technique, too. Especially with those busy yarns we love to stash.
Did you want the vest pattern above? if so, email Dixie directly.
Yes, it is the one I taught for the Memphis group.
Mitered knitting is not new. Many patterns have been written, too. But mine is worked diagonally instead of across the row. Sort of a puzzle, but it has only shoulder seams to sew.
Modular knitting takes many forms and this is just one form.
Just email me for the vest pattern. I also have the jacket pattern with squares turned on the square instead of "on point".
Thank you! Yes, to translate to other sizes, think of squares across the front and back in inches rather than sts. The yarn chosen then would decide how many sts per inch. A calculator will get you a new pattern. However, you are limited to square shapes.
The basic number of squares on point means to measure across from point to point of the FIRST ROW after completion. It is weird, but it works.
The numbers of squares may be kept with only the size adjusted.

Happy Stitchin', DixSew
The yarn is doing the color. The new yarns are fabulous with color changes.
1 - 10 of 99 Posts
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