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Update hip replacement.

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Last Monday I had a right hip replacement. I came home about 5:30 on Tuesday.
Let me say that I am not patient when I can’t do things for myself. I can get very, let’s just say irritable.
Managed to get up stairs ok so I figured getting in bed would be no problem. Well the first problem was that I also need shoulder surgery and it’s difficult using my arms to position myself. My wife was helpful and patient.finally got settled in. Then of course I needed to use the bathroom. %[email protected]#&. Had to start a over again.My wife was able to work from home last week. A blessing or a nightmare??
Decided it would be a pajama day. Physical therapy at 11. A good. Pam made lunch but I wasn’t very hungry. Took the good meds and slept until dinner. When bedtime came I wasn’t tired but I was definitely as cranky as a 2 year old who doesn’t want to go to bed.
Thursday.- no PT. I suggested that Pam could go back to work. She refused. I can’t even attempt t do anything myself with the mother hen around.
Friday- PT- complained about difficulty moving around in bed. Suggested a different schedule for pain meds which seemed to work.
Saturday- a llittlle freedom. Pam went to the grocery store. I took the opportunity to shower by my self. It worked out just fine. Pain manageable.
Sunday - thank god Pam is going back t work tomorrow. I get up and use my cane -« don’t you want the walker? Me-I’ll ask if I need it. Decided to be a bum and not even try to do anything
Today - total freedom. Up dressed,even combed my hair. Came downstairs, made breakfast. Now waiting for occupational therapy, then PT. Just using cane. This weeks goal isn’t to be cane free in the house.
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