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Update on Baby Jae

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Several days ago I asked you all to please pray for an infant girl who was in the PICU at the hospital. I wanted to keep you updated on her condition. Below is an e-mail that my friend (her aunt) sent to me on Thursday, Aug.25:
"Just to give you all an update…
First… Thank you SO much for the prayers and well-wishes. Please keep them coming. Jae is actually doing better but still not great. She may be coming out of ICU and moving into a regular PEDS room. The Docs are waiting on the spinal tap results. So far, they can’t seem to find the source of what caused the problem. All tests were clear, thus far. Jae is eating well, starting to pee, but is still on oxygen and hasn’t started to poop yet. She is becoming more “baby” like and that is a good sign. She is improving each day little by little. Still being closely monitored, but not so much near death as she was on Tues. Again… thank you all for your prayers."

I appreciate all your prayers and well wishes for this precious little baby. If you would continue keeping her and her parents in your prayers, I would be so grateful. Thank you.
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