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Update on Whipple Surgery

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For anyone still following my travails and praying for me, the lastest update is my Sugery has been delayed till April 12th! Uuugghhh!!! If I were having it, as planned on March 30th, I would be home from the hospital, safe & sound, in my own little bed by then! But now I will be just going under the knife - which puts the whole recovery back 2 weeks! I was NOT a Happy Camper when I got that news. Not my Dr.'s fault or decision - 'scheduling!" Grrrrr!!!

So any special prayers can continue but now the BIG day is April 12th!

Thanx to all who are following my journey.

Love & thanx to all ~
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Good luck! I to agree that a lot of things happen for a reason. Maybe the weather will be nice, which might aid in your recovery.
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