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very basic question

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Hi I'm new and a bit of a beginner…
To start a chain you do the basic knot… then you chain 1.. that is the first chain, right.?. You don't count the loop from the beginning knot, right?

I was following a tutorial pattern.. "start with 49 chains.. but she showed the knot as the first chain.

Such a basic question.. am I making sense?

Thank you for your help!
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When you make the slip knot and put it on your hook, that is counted as ONE. Pull a loop through and you have TWO. Do it again for THREE. Now look at the chains and you can see three places where you can insert a hook to make a new stitch.

What you don't count is the loop that is on the hook. Make a single crochet in the second chain from your hook. It is the middle of those three you just made. Make that single crochet very slowly and watch closely as the loop that is on your hook becomes the TOP of the new stitch.

I used to have a devil of a time counting crochet and knowing what to count and what doesn't count until a perfect angel told me about the loop on the hook being the TOP of the NEXT stitch. It was like a 500 watt light bulb going off. I hope this helps you, too, and doesn't just add to the confusion.

abstanton said:
Well thank you very much. Actually your answer seems to contradict what the first two said.
So the slip knot IS the first chain.

I'm still working on the counting!

Thank you
I found this video and it shows how to count stitches. The trouble with it is she puts the slip knot on the hook and says it doesn't count. But then, she obviously counts it after doing two more stitches. She points at it and says "one". Think of it as it doesn't count as long as it is on the hook. I just wish she would have said as much.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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