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W & T (wrap and turn)

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I'm beginning a new scarf that has two rows of wrap and turn. Is there anywhere I can find a step by step process for the w & T?
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1. k to appropriate st in pattern
2. yarn to front (as if to purl, but do NOT make st)
3. sl next st purlwise (from left hand ndl)
4. yarn to back (as if to knit, but do NOT make st)
5. sl the previously slipped st BACK onto the left ndl
6. turn work, as usual, and knit/purl (per pattern) in the other direction

this is a technique to keep from having a small hole in your work when you are shortrowing (method where you put more rows into the middle of your work to create shape)...used all the time to make the 'pocket' for the heel in a sock or the rounded shape on the top of a hat...very useful and simple to do once you figure out what they of those things we could show you in 30 seconds, but hard to write down...

this is very well done and has a companion video which she tells you about...
The pattern I started for a Christmas Stocking instructs me to knit both ways after W&T and turning. I find this hard to do. It is Bernat pattern but doesn't have a number. Kamala
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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