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This wrap and turn is driving me crazy. I got the front done OK but when I start the back of the toe I am losing it. Its so complicated.
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it can be finicky, but don't worry, just practice.....

knit up to the next st....pull yarn to front of work,
sl next st to right hand or working ndl
pull yarn to back of work
sl st BACK to left hand ndl
turn and continue in the other direction

back is done exactly the there another factor here? is the w/t being done in concert with dec that are confusing you?
With this multi colored sock thread I am having trouble seeing the wraps when I come back. I am 80 and am an old dog learning new tricks. Rita
i understand completely, lost my reading glasses this morning and i needed another pair of glasses to find them...gave up and went to the drug store for another pair of cheapies....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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