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Size: (Small) Med-Lg
Stitches: Ribbing and Stockinette


•Yarn: Any soft, bulky yarn, 200 yds of main color and 100 yds of accent color for cuffs
•Knitting Board with 16 needles
•Knit hook for lifting the loops
•Large Sewing Needle for seams
•Crochet Hook for finishing

1.Slipper Bottom: (Knit 2)
2.Cast On (10) 12 Stitches with main color, blue.
3.Place Anchor Yarn (same yarn)
4.Knit in Rib Stitch for (8) 10 rows
5.Change to Accent (red) Color
6.Knit in Rib Stitch for (4) 4 rows
7.Change to main color by tying on main yarn and cutting the accent with 2-3” tail.
8.Knit in Rib Stitch for (10) 16 rows
9.Bind Off. Set piece aside.
10.Slipper Side (Knit 4)
11.Main Color, Cast on (8) stitches
12.Place Anchor Yarn (same color)
13.Knit in Rib stitch for (8) 10 rows
14.Change to Accent Color
15.Knit in Rib Stitch for (4) 4 rows
16.Change to Main Color
17.Knit in Rib for (10) 16 rows.
18.Bind Off. Set pieces aside.
19.Cuff (Knit 2) Accent Color
20.Cast on (6) stitches
21.Place Anchor Yarn (any yarn)
22.Knit in Stockinette Stitch for (30) 36 rows
23.Bind off. Bind off at anchor yarn and remove.
25.Lay (3) pieces with stripe, side by side, matching stripes. Bottom of slipper as center.
26.Tie the anchor yarns together so there is one continuous strand.
27.Sew the side edges to the bottom matching stripes.
28.Sew the back edges together for heel (anchor yarn is toe)
29.Sew the top edge from anchor yarn to beginning of stripe.
30.Draw up anchor yarn and tie securely for toe.
31.Sew short sides of cuff together to form circle.
32.Place on top of slipper matching seams at front of stripe.
33.Sew onto slipper with top stitch and cuff overlapping slipper.
34.Reinforce the joint at front seam for durability.
35.Drawstring: (Make 2)
36.With Crochet hook, crochet chain of accent yarn or main yarn.
37.Total length of each finished=34”
38.Weave crochet hook thru the bottom of cuff. Pull the string thru the cuff.
39.Tie loop knot at ends to form small balls. Tie in a bow.
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