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Well, I’m still glueing nuts together. 😊

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My sister loved my “man reading on toilet” project and asked me to make one for her. (Actually I think she said “Oh I want one! No hurry”. 🫤) Well, I didn’t feel like making another, so I decided to try to make something with her, her husband, and their new puppy.

I especially liked this idea because it took my sister a long time to be ready for a new dog after losing her beloved 20-year-old chihuahua early this year. So this also celebrates a new beginning with her “new family”. Ha! That sounds so deep yet I’m talking about glueing nuts together to make something silly.

(I was pleased to come up with something for his beard and her long blonde hair (shredded wheat cereal.) I also cut her arms too short so tried to make it look like she’s holding a flower. Does that come across?

I still need to fill in the grass around the edge and that tree will need to be replaced, but I’m anxious to move on! This was a nice “gee, I want to try that someday” project, but I’m glad it’s over.

Thanks for looking!
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