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What is T1 please?

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My pattern is asking me to T1. What does that mean. I looked up and the way I read it it's is a M1. Am I correct. I don't understand. Please help
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IT is easier to answer questions about a stitch when we can see the pattern. Can you post a link or give the name of the pattern. Thanks
T1: increase; make a stitch by pulling up a stitch from between the two stitches in the row below.
That is confusing. Perhaps they want the M1 to lean one way and the T1 to lean the other way?
I assume you have checked at the beginning of the book or the beginning of the pattern for explanations of abbreviations.
Sometimes even if the pattern is in a book it is also on the internet. That is why I ask for the name. I am not trying to be a nerd, just saying. jinx
Are you saying that in your pattern the M1 is a KFB and the T1 is a M1? Abbreviations can make some patterns a lot harder to do than they need be. jinx
Jmklous said:
Yeah the m1 is A Kfb. That's what is confusing to me
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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