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What to charge

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Hi everyone. I knit dishcloths/face cloths. Someone has called and wants to look at what I have. How much should I charge. They are made from cotton yarn. Appreciate your help.
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chriso1972 said:
Where do you buy sugar and cream that high. It is like $1.47 at Walmart and my store has at least 30 different colors at all times usually
I'm pretty sure I paid about 2.50 for the only sugar and cream I've ever bought walmart. Now I'll have to doublecheck when I go back. There are 3 walmarts near (within one hour) of me, and all three have different prices for most things.
Xay-Zays.auntie said:
I'm pretty sure I paid about 2.50 for the only sugar and cream I've ever bought walmart. Now I'll have to doublecheck when I go back. There are 3 walmarts near (within one hour) of me, and all three have different prices for most things.
Well I know that at Hobby Lobby it is $2.29 around here and their cotton is $3.29. But I can get 3 to 4 dishcloths out of hobby lobby's cotton depends on the size and pattern. It take a whole skein to make a hand towel though
I saw in a shop here where they were (not) selling them for $8.00 a pair and they were made out of acrylic.. I just did a small smile put it back down and walked away.. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings and I would of if I said anything because the owner of the shop is the one who made them..
In my local drug store I pay $2.49 per skein for Sugar and Cream cotton. Variegated I think is 20 cents more. If I were to buy it in Wal Mart I think I would go for a few cones. That would really bring down the cost :)
3 for $5 seems a good price depends on the pattern
I sell them for $10-12 here in Australia at the local markets I do fancy ones that look like patchwork which people like and also diagonal ones.
Last Christman I saw them at a Church Fair for $!.00 each. I think they are trying to make money for the church.
My plain knit or crochet ones go for $4.00. If they're "pretty", meaning embossed or raised designs I usually get $5.00. My boss and a few coworkers always buy several for Christmas gifts.
Cotton yarn is much higher here, plus they are 2.5 ounce instead of the old 3 oz. I use Sugar & Cream cones. Get about 16 cloths per cone. Charge $2 a cloth if selling. Mostly make for friends and family for thanks!
2 seems to be the going rate at most craft shows in my area as well, Since I only buy that yarn when it is on sale and I cant get 2 1/2 to 3 out a a small skein. I more then make my money back when I do them. I even dropped my price at a show one time by .25 and sold a lot more.
Generally speaking, I sell my knitted items for 3 times the cost of the yarn. And, if I use partial skeins I figured cost per gram times number of grams item weighs times three.
I sell them in sets of 3 tied with a ribbon and get $10.
Granny2005 said:
I'd be surprised if someone bought them for $4.50. Maybe $3.00 I can get two from one ball of yarn. & it only takes a couple hours to make if that.
I never sell my work... It takes all the joy out of it for me.
i agree, when you sell your work it becomes a job, not a joy!
I sell mine for $5-$7 each. There is always a pattern in them and they are good size. Maybe I need to rethink this. Lots of times I don't sell any and then someone comes along and buys them all.
You don't show what area you are in, which could make a difference, but here the least I charge is $3
showperson said:
It is hard to recover even the cost of the yarn for dishcloths in my area. We buy the yarn on sale and charge $2.00. If you fold the dishcloth and ties with a small piece of yarn, they seem to sell better. It's all in the presentation.
I agree--it is all in the presentation. I would also try bundling them, because you might get a more reasonable amount!
Ma Kitty said:
It's sad that people have to sell for less than their time at minimum wage. But if you love to knit and it passes the time then you don't mind. I charge $5000 for anything if someone wants me to make them anything. So far no one has taken me up on it. If I want to gift someone then that's what I do.
Clever! Gave me a laugh, too. :thumbup:
I have seen them offered for $2.00 and then even reduced to $1.00 at garage sales. Really sad. I just give mine away, love to knit them for myself and have them as little presents.
People love them but don't want to pay for them.
I went to craft shows and dish cloths I sold for $2.00 and the lady next to me sold hers for $4.00 and she took them home. and I sold all of mine and could have sold more. So it is your choice to sell them cheaper or take them home.
i sell potholders made on a loop loom for $5.00 / when i was a kid they were 10 cents and 25 cents / how time do fly
I love knitting them. My daughter loves to use them and also loves the way they look. They add a lovely colorful touch. I like them because you can make so many different ones. I've even added little sewn on flowers for my granddaughter. I've never sold one and am giving some outside the family for the first time - a set of three custom made! My daughter's friend said, "If you love doing them, I'd love to have some." She wanted pink and orange, also teal and brown.

I couldn't find a nice, rich brown in cotton. Any ideas on that?
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