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Hope this conversation is ok on this section, I have a simple question, If it were possible for you, if it was in your hands, to do something to save one or several alpacas, would you do it?
I am from Per'u, and every year happen the same in the Andes, news like this:
"According to the Associated Press, the bitter cold is to blame for the death of at least 50,000 alpacas. An estimated 300,000 more are at risk if temperatures remain at -9 degrees Fahrenheit, which would be devastating for the indigenous families who rely on the silky fleece from the animals to make their living."

So, my question is, you would embrace, protect, shelter, give love and tenderness
What would you be able to do for them?
After all, it is because of them that we can all enjoy the most wonderful thing we have, our Knitting!

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